Best 8 Resources For Successful Recruiting


Recruiting is an important part of running any business organization. Almost every hiring novice think that all you have to do is to post an open position online and wait for the best candidates to come to you. But, the story is different and the hiring process is not that simple as you think. Currently, the hiring landscape favors the candidates or job seekers and they are able to be selective in where they apply. Recruitment agencies also play an important role in finding suitable candidates for employers. Below-given are the best 8 resources to help you out with the steps along the way for successful recruiting.

Job profiles

During the hiring process, the best recruiters are highly-skilled that they know exactly who they are looking for. As they work with their colleagues in the HR department, they know how to create ideal job profiles for every position in the company.

Staffing plan

Having a staffing plan for future hires is very important for small and growing business organizations. The recruiting team of the company should have a clear vision of the positions and job profiles they’ll need to hire for the next 12+ months. Make sure you work with your leadership team to create a staffing plan if you don’t have one.

Job Description templates

Job description templates are time savers and they make an efficient hiring process. Small recruiters and recruitment agencies use these templates pre-filled with some information like company name, description, employee perks, and so on.

Salary structure document

Most of the companies think about compensation only when it is time to make an offer. This type of approach can make for tricky salary negotiations and finally results in pay disparity. Successful recruiters use a salary structure document and they always have a fair range of salary in mind throughout the hiring process.

Social media

A decade ago when social media became quite popular, many candidates feared that what they shared online could cost them a job. But sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook were used by savvy professionals to showcase their skills and background. These sites are now considered as a fruitful source for candidates and recruiters.

Organizational chart

Recruiters work together with HR to fill an organizational chart with various job profiles. These charts help in an easy understanding of each team and the overall company.

Candidate assessment rubric

Having multiple members to participate in an interview is always a good idea that will help you to get different opinions on the candidate.

Skills tests

It is a must for the recruiters to ensure that the candidate has the necessary skills for the job. But for technical positions, it can be tough to know for sure.

Bottom lines

Whether you are an HR manager, small business owner, or the CEO of a large company, you will come across a situation when you have to recruit at some point in your career. According to the Officevibe, it takes about 27 days for a business organization to make a new hire.

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