An Ultimate Guide For Accomplishing a Coastal Interior Style


Love the relaxed beachy vibes in your living space? You’ve landed at the right place. We’ve curated an ultimate guide for accomplishing a dreamy coastal interior style.

Transform your interior into a rustic, elegant seaside aesthetic. Bring the serenity of the beach and sea to your home with coastal interior style.

You can always experiment with the coastal interior- traditional, farmhouse, contemporary, glam, eclectic or any other style you prefer.

You can choose to go classy with the standard white and cool blue undertones. Or you can spice it up with tropical shades of citrusy orange, azure blue and coral pink. Create calming earthen, organic vibes with olive green, sandy beige or baked brown palettes.

There’s so much you can incorporate in the coastal-inspired interiors. In this guide, we are sticking to the classic, modern interiors featuring soft whites, timber accents, relaxed furniture, window plantation shutters and natural fibres.

Let’s get started.

What Is Classic Modern Coastal Interior?

As the name suggests, coastal interiors are heavily inspired by the seas, oceans and beaches.

  • Blue and green palettes, inspired by the seawater from pristine deep oceanic blue to washed-out “Sea-foam” shades of aquamarine or celeste, appear against the crisp backdrops of neutral and whites.
  • Windows furnishing such as curtains are relaxed and layered with timber-accented heavier window treatments like blinds or indoor plantation shutters.
  • Carpets and rugs have a flair of rawness about them, like jute rugs or loop pile wool carpet.
  • To tie the colour palette and the entire look together, furniture is usually designed from natural materials- light oak timbers, driftwood or rattan. You can play with the mix and match of the timbre stains.
  • For the relaxed summer vibes, oversized pendant lights, decor pieces like coral, pops of greenery (especially natural green, turquoise, teal green, jade) finish the look.

Now that you know the fundamental elements for accomplishing the coastal style interior, let’s get to the designing part.

An Ultimate Guide For Accomplishing A Coastal Interior Style

Emphasise On The Light

The common theme for any coastal interior is the light, breezy decor. Try to create a light atmosphere. The most simplistic way to do it is to paint your walls with shades of white.

White walls reflect light and impart an illusion of brighter and larger spaces. If architectural design and your budget permits, install skylights to enhance the brightness of your interior.

Choose window treatments that allow sufficient light in to complement the brightness of a coastal interior.

Layer Your Windows Treatments For A Bright Airy Look

A light, breezy aura dominates any coastal interior. To bring out the warm, airy look, pair sheer floor kissing curtains with indoor plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters Melbourne are crafted from teak wood, basswood or PVC. To enhance the breezy look and add to the timbre accents, go for white teak indoor shutters or faux wood shutters.

For bathroom and kitchen, PVC plantation shutters are best suited for their moisture-resistant property. You can control the louvres to adjust the incoming light.

Shutters Australia are most preferred by homeowners due to their lost-lasting durability and easy maintenance. Since these window treatments are a one-time substantial investment, buy plantation shutters from reputed manufacturers for assured quality and better longevity.

Best plantation shutters offer functionality without compromising your style. You can order customised plantation shutters Melbourne to suit your coastal interior.

Add-In The Timbre Accents

If you’re after that perfect coastal look, blonde timber flooring is the right addition to your home. However, if you don’t want to invest in new flooring, there are other elements to inject timbre accents.

Go for a bamboo finish, light timbre shades and textures on your furniture. A wooden bedhead in your bedroom for a beachy touch, bamboo bar tools to soften the kitchen space, textured dining table and chairs, etc., adds a coastal flair.

You can even have rattan light fixtures and shades to enhance the natural relaxing seaside look.

Play With The Furniture Style

Embrace versatility. Coastal style is all about mixing and matching decor elements. Relaxed and mismatched interiors dominate coastal interiors.

No need to throw away or exchange your old furniture. Cover them up with white chalk paint, and you can see a dated piece of furniture perfectly fit into your coastal space.

Crude, distressed or weathered timbre enhances the coastal theme. Furniture with a touch of rattan, driftwood or woven-look like rugged bench seats, woven stools, driftwood base coffee tables, rattan side tables adds elegance to your interior.

Hang Pendant Lights

Nothing better can add a typical coastal edge to your interiors than a basket pendant light. You can make a bold statement with big baskets or keep it classy and subtle with the smaller ones.

A basket pendant light looks adorable in your dining space or living area. You can even fit them in your bathroom or on your bedside table for a subtle coastal appeal.

Pop In Some Bold Colours

Yes, for a brighter ambience, white walls are the best. That doesn’t mean you can’t splash some colours here and there. Add a celeste or deep blue accented wall for an ultimate coastal statement look.

The right balance of dark and white accents create the perfect coastal interior.

Don’t Forget The Decor Elements

Decor elements are essential regardless of your planning for a significant or minor interior makeover. You can spend as much or as little you desire on the decors elements.

Adopt And Incorporate Natural Elements

For the authentic coastal feel, embrace decor crafted from natural materials like cotton, jute, linen, concrete, timber, bamboo, seagrass, rattan, leather, straw, etc. You’ll find endless options in the current market, both in online and physical stores.

Bedroom Decor

For bedrooms, minty green, cool blues and pristine whites can instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. White linen bedding peppered with subtle greys and browns adds an element of soft luxe in the bedroom.

Wall Decor

For your walls, think canvas prints or beachy artworks. We heart woven wall hangings, coral paintings, tribal shell necklaces or straw hats to bring out the classic coastal theme.

Don’t Forget The Floor

Adding jute rugs is a lovely way to create a focused space. Add rugs below your coffee table, under your bed or any other furniture to bring in interest to that particular space.

Conjure up the perfect coastal essence in your home with our ultimate guide for achieving coastal-inspired interiors.

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