7 Innovative Straight Kitchen Design Ideas


straight kitchens are back in the mix. It is the ideal choice for urban residents living in small apartments or someone who enjoys minimalism. This type of kitchen styles is made along a single wall. Here, a cooking hob, a refrigerator and a washbasin are linearly arranged on the countertop, making every item easily accessible and cooking more convenient. In reality, designing and building this type of straight kitchen while ensuring it’s aesthetically attractive are exceptionally challenging.

So, if you are looking for inspiration, here are some modern straight kitchen design ideas you must consider before deciding. The kitchen designers Melbourne makes sure that your kitchen stays out best.

Versatile Straight Kitchen

If you live in a small apartment where you cannot afford to have a separate kitchen and lots of storage slots, this modular straight line kitchen design will help you. This olive-green-and-white-themed kitchen has every necessary amenities you can think of. It includes a side-by-side double door refrigerator, an OTG, a four-burner kitchen stove, a chimney, lots of sleek cabinets, hooks to hang ladles and cups and a wall-mounted dining table that also has secret storage inside. With innovative modular oil pull-out, lift-up shutters, etc you’ll never run out of storage space.

The Colour Scheme that you can choose

A small kitchen is excellent for smaller spaces. But since it’s situated in an open area, it’s essential to choose a suitable colour scheme so that it doesn’t look like an eyesore. The black and white kitchen might look good, but you can even experiment with shots of colours. You can also use it to store colourful containers and jars to add further colour. Additionally, the small space beside the kitchen has been used strategically as a dining table.

The Modern Classic Kitchen

This type of modern kitchen has it all such as a large pantry cabinet, an oven, a four-burner hob, a sink, a refrigerator and numerous storage cabinets. The glass cabinet in between is made to break the monotony. It is lit by overhead lights. The backlight underneath the top cabinet creates an ambience that highlights the brick-like splashback.

Straight Kitchen For Studio Apartments

If you live in a studio apartment, this small straight kitchen design is perfect for you. Built-in a minimal wall space, this kitchen has enough storage space to hold crockery, utensils, cutlery and grocery for more than two people. Though the kitchen shapes and design do not include a refrigerator, it compensates with a tiny sink, an oven, a sleek chimney, and an induction cooktop. In this straight kitchen design, even dead spaces like that over the chimney, under the sink and base units are well utilised with an under-sink unit and skirting drawer. Follow this design or of other designs such as Hamptons kitchen if you also live in a small space like a studio apartment.

Straight Line Kitchen With Island

Islands are not commonly used. But it is beneficial if you enjoy multifunctionality. Islands become the architectural focal point of your kitchen while giving you lots of space for meal preparation, storage and eating when you don’t have time for dining for a long time. It also is a great hangout spot when you have your friends over, especially if you add a few high stools and stylish looking pendant lights. You can install a sink and drawers at the bottom to create extra storage space.

A Kitchen Designed with Pantone Colour Combination

The Kitchen designed with a Pantone colour scheme will definitely catch your eye. The grey overhead and base cabinets lend an elegant look, while the pop of yellow brings out the vibrant and playful elements of the kitchen interiors. It has a geometric patterned yellow splashback and a floral patterned wallpaper for the accent wall to add to the beauty. But the key highlight of this kitchen is the island counter with an inbuilt hob and two tall chairs where you can entertain your guests while preparing meals.

Vibrant Kitchen Designed With Emerald Green

You can also try to Incorporate a vibrant colour in your kitchen with some emerald green and grey colour combinations. This kitchen is designed with some modern kitchen storage units like an appliance garage, oil pullout and drawers. The cabinets with frosted glass front and LED backlights add a style statement, while the emerald green and grey create a striking contrast.

Bottom line

We hope you have found your inspiration for giving your kitchen a makeover of a lifetime from these design ideas. To add to the aesthetics, you can try adding an intricate floral themed tiled splashback and illuminated it with some LED strip lights. This improves the beauty of the space and makes your straight kitchen design one of its kind.

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