7 Different Types of Shower Heads for your Bathroom Renovation


When you buy your perfect dream house, furnishing your bathroom is one more important thing. The showers in the bathroom are the one more important part that needs to be taken care of when there is a fixation or plumbing work. Everyone loves to spend some quality timing on enjoying their shower bath. The pressure from the shower should be in an appropriate manner so that the flow of the water is proper. According to the kind of pressure you need and also your kind of style there are different types of shower heads available in the market for you to fix in your bathroom.

Fixed wall mounted Showerheads

This is the usual kind of shower heads that is available in most people’s homes, where the shower is placed on the bathroom wall at a certain height and also it is a fixed one, you can move their place. Fixed shower heads are available in the market on a wide range and different shapes one can opt for.

Manual Showerheads

It is the modern and the trendier one available in the market, where you can move the showerhead anywhere. This is usually a hand shower that is clipped on the wall of the bathroom for hanging. It is really helpful when you want to clean up your pets or want to take your baby bath. It is very comfortable and easy. They are available in the marketplace with affordable pricing. You can also adjust the flow of water through the hand shower to different variations according to your need.

Double Showerheads

Double shower heads are a combination of both a rain shower and a hand shower; this gives you the more relaxing part. You can make use of either of these 2 showers to handle things appropriately. You can use the head shower to remove your shampoo and the hand held shower heads to clean up your other body parts. They are really expensive but you are worth having them. Kindly take care of the water sources availability because we have the higher possibility to get more water when we use them both. But these ones are really perfect for the family.

Ventilated Showerheads

When you have a water crisis in your area then this is really a perfect fit shower for your home. They’re more efficient than your ordinary ones as they save more time and money. You can comfortably use this shower much time as you want. The air is mixed with the water to show the performance of force. Usually, in this shower, the amount of water that is pulled out is very less and the pressure to the water is given by means of air. It saves more money on the water bill.

Showerhead with Filters

Filtered shower heads are the ideal choice if you live in a place where the water in your area is mixed with more chemicals. When you see them looking wise it is not so attractive but it can help you to filter out the chemicals very effectively. But you have to change those filters every few months to get purified water. They might not look stylish or very exciting but they are very essential for a proper water supply.

Showerheads with LED lightings

Showerheads with LED lighting can be used on modern and elegant bathrooms. It gives your bathroom a very exciting feel and is super relaxing. You can turn off your bathroom light and enjoy taking a shower with only the show lights. After a long hectic day, it gives you a very smooth and relaxing feel to enjoy.

Ceiling showers

Ceiling showers or Deck showers are similar to rain shower heads. As the name itself states it is fixed on the ceiling of the bathroom, they offer you a relaxing, luxurious and spectacular experience. They give a very personalized look. It is easily fixed when you have the other kind of shower connection in your bathroom.

Bottom Line

Everyone’s wish is totally different and the kind of bathroom size or the model they require is unique for everyone. You can choose any of the above showerheads to have more relaxing shower baths at your home. Most of them are very affordable and easily available in the market.

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