5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips to Extend Its Lifespan


Investing in the air conditioner is now a necessity for every homeowner. It protects you from overheating due to extreme temperatures and filters out allergens from the indoor environment. Likewise, it’s one of the expensive appliances you have, and thus utmost care must be provided. And you should do all that you can to keep your air conditioner running as long as you can. The median lifetime of an air conditioner is about 12 to 15 years. However, you can stretch this limit with proper maintenance and care. Further, check here for more details on extending the life of your heating and cooling system and delay replacement for years to come. Readout here!

Schedule regular maintenance

How often you check your appliances? Especially when it comes to its lifespan. The fact is that your AC unit is working does not mean it is okay. It’s only with routine maintenance you would be able to identify the routine problems that are developing and can rectify them before the system breaks down. Thus, with every maintenance schedule, the appliance’s efficiency is greatly improved and starts operating again as it was new.

Try changing the filters

For the unit to work properly, the condition of the filters must be maintained hygienically. These are the components that keep the debris and dust from entering and damaging the condenser coil. Often, the filters may get clogged leading to overheating and breakdown of the unit. Thus, it’s wise to check the filters and replace them if necessary. Equally, it’s crucial if you extend the useful life of your AC unit.

Fix airflow problems

Do you know airflow can reduce your AC unit life span significantly, if not checked properly? Many factors can cause airflow problems like a leak in the air duct, blocked air registers, and improper duct designs. Just like the filters, airflow complications may result in overworking of the unit, resulting in overheating and disruption of the unit. Thus, having these problems fixed on time will significantly improve the lifespan of your heating and cooling system.

Never ignore the condenser

The condenser is the heart of the air conditioner and if it fails the entire system is damaged. It’s the part that does the actual cooling work of the unit. Often homeowners forget it and remember only when the unit fails. One way you can extend its lifespan if by clearing the shrubs, grass and bushes away. In this way, you will prevent debris from getting into the system and will also help the unit to run more efficiently.

Use programmable thermostat

You can have the system automated so that it’s useful only when you are around. Using this feature will help you set the system to keep cool when you are home and high when there’s no one in the house. This simply means that the air conditioner will be running only when you need it. However, indirectly extending the lifespan of your AC.


Your air conditioner or AC works day-in and day-out for your essentials. Though they don’t last forever, these are certain ways through which you can extend the functional life span of your AC as long as possible.

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