4 Lightening Hair Color Techniques You Need To Know 

lightening hair color

Looking to add some dimension to your hair? Well, it’s a great way to enhance your look and incorporate something unique into your personality. So, you can consider the hair lightening that can help you try a new shade in your hair. This is a process of artificial reduction and dissolution of pigment in the hair. It allows lightening already colored hair and boosts its appearance. If you wish to change the colored hair from dark to light tone, then consider this one. Be sure to go with the best lightening hair color that suits your personality well. Continue reading to know diverse hair lightening techniques that help you to opt for the right one.


1. Balayage

Balayage is a kind of hair painting technique that is used to make natural, lived-in-color. It works by sectioning the hair and hand-paint these parts with a lightning product. In the final result, the hair will look like it’s lightened naturally by the sun in the summer. During this technique, the bottom of the hair will be lightened, and leave the roots dark. It is a very low-maintenance method that also adds dimension to your hair for longer.


2. Highlights

The highlighting technique had huge popularity during the time of the 90s. It is a very common way to lighten and add dimension to or else monotone hair. A base color needs to choose or maintain the same, and the highlighted hair color is something a few shades lighter than it. In addition, the hair can bleach in small chunks or strips starting at the root and down to the ends. Then the bleached hair will wrap in a foil process for around 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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3. Ombre Lightning Hair ColorTechnique

One of the major hair trends of the 2010s was the ombre hair color. This kind of lightning is identifiable by its dark hair blending into lighter hair. Nearly the whole bottom of the hair will be bleaching and diffuse into the hair top, which is perfectly a dark color. Then the bleach will be placed horizontally on the hair to create a stark variation between the hair’s top and bottom halves. Furthermore, the ombre is fairly low-maintenance, particularly when leaving the top color of your natural hair.


4. Babylights

A new version of the highlight hair lightening technique is the babylights. It means to mimic the child’s hair’s look, which naturally lightens with the sun. So, the hair won’t bleach at the root, but instead carefully hand-painted through hair layers to add dimension. This process will take the same amount of time as the regular foil highlights as they bleach to lighten the hair. When added to the natural hair color, they are very simple to maintain but they fade quickly as they are so delicate.

Final Thoughts 

Be sure to choose the right technique based on your desire to try the lightening hair color. Planned to change your hair look? Then visit the Dominics hairdressing salon to enhance your personality. We value your satisfaction and aspire to exceed your expectations. So, book an appointment now and lighten your hair with the help of the experts.

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