3 Factors To Consider While Designing Modern Duplex House


A residential dwelling with two living units that are attached to  one another makes a modern duplex house design. The plan of the duplex house is such that the adjoining area of two parts of the duplex can be either next to each other, or it can be one on top of the other.

Mostly when anybody talks about a duplex house design what they mean is that  one unit  is above another. With advancements and new developments in the architectural trends, the concept of both duplex house designs and duplex house plans have changed tremendously .

What are the advantages of a duplex house?

There are a variety of advantages a duplex house offers when we talk in terms of privacy, affordable prices, and the accommodation capacity. Below are a few advantages of having a duplex house.

  1. Privacy– If you have a joint family and everybody lives together, and everyone wants to lie under one roof but also at the same time wants to have his/her own privacy , there is no better option than to have a duplex house. Inorder for every inhabitant of the house to have ample space, the optimum utlization of the space has to be ensured.
  2. Affordability– It is common for most people to assume that getting a duplex house is a costly proposition, however this is not true as it is not that expensive, and can be bought or made at a cost similar to what is required to make a normal house . If we have to make a comparison of duplex houses to the flats of similar price range and area, they will cost you round about the same money.
  3. Accommodative– The major advantage of having a duplex is that it will provide you with the space of two houses or units inside a single home. Therefore when we talk about the capacity of a house, a duplex house can easily accommodate two families independently, providing ample space to every inhabitant.
  4. Extra source of Income– Another major advantage of having a duplex house is that it has an additional unit for housing a family. One unit of the duplex cab be easily be rented to earn additional income. If you are planning to rent your duplex, it is suggested that you should have a separate entrance inorder to prevent any disturbances.
  5. Additional Space for Home Office– If you are thinking of running a business from home, or want to make a work from home office, a duplex can be an ideal solution for that. You can very easily and conveniently set up a dedicated office in your duplex.  You can also make a meeting room on the ground floor or upper floor and work from home without having to  lease or rent an expensive office.

3 important things to keep in mind are :

1. What’s your objective?

The very first thing  that you need to take into consideration is what you really want for your new duplex , what are your aspirations. Everybody has different priorities, yours could be that you have an older home and really want to upgrade to maximise on space, light and energy efficiency. Or, it could be that you simply want to do away with maintenance and enjoy effortless living. Whatever the goal, being clear on it will help you narrow down to the perfect design.

2. Your location

You will have an added advantage of building a duplex if you can make the most of your existing location .While keeping location factor in your mind you can keep others things noted down that will help you in making the most of factors such as the local climate, sunlight, privacy and views are just some of the things that can be catered for in a brand-new design.

3. Your budget

Everyone has a budget for almost everything, and when it comes to making a duplex house, the key here is to be very clear on what it is that is want. Once you have decided on the budget ,then you must get the right help to find a design that makes the most of it.

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