How to Manage Fire and Water Damage


No one likes to think about their business or home sustaining water or fire damage. When it happens, it can be overwhelming figuring out how to manage the mess. Fires and floods are two of the worst tragedies that property owners can experience. We hope you never experience this kind of trauma. If you do, our team is here to help with 24-hour emergency service and 1-hour response times across Melbourne. Whilst we can handle the immediate needs and begin making a restoration plan, here are some things you can do to help regain control of the situation.

Call your insurance provider ASAP

It can be difficult to think clearly when your home or property is damaged, but one of the first things you must do is call your insurance provider. Most home and contents insurances offer coverage for flooding and fires. There may be exclusions, which is why you must contact your insurance broker promptly to review your insurance and begin the claims process. If you currently do not have flood or fire coverage, or inadequate insurance coverage for your property, it is advisable to remedy being underinsured before you find yourself in a situation where you need the coverage.

Start the mitigation process

This is where water, flood, and fire damage restoration services like ours come into play. The first thing you must do is ensure the property is structurally safe. If the water or fire damage is widespread, it is important to verify if any weakening of the overall structure has occurred. Fires and floods can release toxic chemicals and residue into the air. It is best to let a fire or flood mitigation service handle the process. Our teams can be on-site anywhere in Melbourne within an hour of receiving a call for help. Whether it is the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night, our emergency technicians can be on-site and assessing the situation promptly.

Keep an accurate record of damaged items

Whether it is your business or your home that is damaged, most insurance provides coverage for more than the physical structure. Contents coverage addresses any items destroyed during the flood or fire. It can include furniture, clothing, office equipment, and a variety of personal items. Creating an accurate register of your belongings to document your losses helps the insurance process move smoothly and quickly.

24/7 assistance from the experts

Dealing with water, flood, and fire damage to your business or home is stressful. Let our team take the lead and help you recover faster. Call us 24/7 on 1300 554 418 for an immediate response, or request a quote online.

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