Cheap Bathroom Supplies


For one of our packs consisting of a cabinet, a washbasin, and a mirror, or choose from the Lapeyre bathroom furniture collections. Our experts advise you in-store or at home to find the combination of the vanity unit, vanity top, cupboards, and drawers for a well-organized Cheap Bathroom Supplies. Our collections of wall-mounted or free-standing furniture offer various finishes, plain colors, and wood, or metal look. You have several front styles, with grip or handle. The boxes are available in several sizes, allowing widths of 60 to 180 cm and depths of 38 or 45 cm. Increase your storage space with our tall units, mirror cabinets, and wall and base units.

And bathroom accessories

Accessorize the bathroom of your dreams by matching your faucets with mirrors and light fixtures. Discover our spotlights and wall lights, to be fixed to the wall, mirror, or bathroom cabinet. Lapeyre has selected for you different models with chrome or plain finishes, according to different power and dimensions. Lapeyre offers a wide range of mirrors, from the most classic to the most designer, in the round, oval and rectangular shapes with or without a frame. For soft lighting, some light mirror models are equipped with Class II IP44 certified LEDs. For more storage, others benefit from a shelf or are glued to a shelf.

Budget to plan for a bathroom remodel

It is quite possible to renovate your bathroom with a modest budget of 1000 €, but this budget will not be able to cover the replacement of the toilets, especially if you have to modify the water inlets and the evacuations.

The complete renovation of a 10 m2 bathroom will cost you around $12,000, including:

The design of the bathroom (design and plan)

Purchase of supplies and delivery

The dismantling of the entire room

Post-construction cleaning

The main work

The renovation of the plumbing (water inlet and water evacuation)

heating renovation

Electrical development work

Laying the floor (parquet)

The furniture

Decoration (painting, etc.)

Roca, the top of the range for bathrooms from Spain

Roca is a global Spanish company specializing in bathroom equipment. On the furniture side, the brand offers around twenty collections with around ten models of bathroom furniture each. The brand strives to offer a variety of styles and budgets but also sets for all bathroom sizes (with, for example, a depth of 36 cm).

Villeroy & Boch, top of the range for the bathroom

Also renowned for the art of the table, Villeroy & Boch markets furniture and furnishing solutions for the bathroom. 43 collections from all over the world for the bathroom are present in the brand’s catalog. The furniture is based on innovative and high-end materials.

burgbad, German quality for the bathroom

burgbad is a German company born in 1946 specializing in the production of high-end bathroom furniture for all tastes and all budgets. With a Franco-German production, burgbad markets bathroom furniture ranging from the family bathroom to more architectural models. The brand presents 16 collections with a “carbon neutrality” commitment: it is the first furniture manufacturing company to reach the stage of climate neutrality in all of its production.

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